COVID Time Series | Coronavirus Dashboard

Data Sources: The COVID Tracking Project, CSSEGISandData / COVID-19 by way of pomber/covid19

Metric Info: All rates (death rate, hospitalization rate, etc) are based on count of positive cases with the exception of the Positives Test Rate, which is based on the number of tests taken.

Incomplete Data: Metrics are based off data from The COVID Tracking Project and is not entirely comprehensive for all states. This will lead to either gaps in data or no data at all for some states/metrics.

Additional Resources Time series breakdown by continent/country and 24 hour view by state/region
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Global Cases Monitor: More data visuals and outbreak map
John Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 Dashboard: Country, state, and county breakdown

Why another COVID dashboard? I have yet to find a dashboard that shows time series for COVID metrics broken down by state. Once I find a historical data source broken down by county, I will include that here as well. Trending data is extremely important.

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